Mediation Services Fees

Our hourly rate is $400 for phone conferences, emails, review of position statements and other materials, the Mediation itself, post Mediation matters including Mediator Proposals, phone conferences and email exchanges with counsel re settlement possibilities, etc. My travel hourly rate is $200.


I do not charge for expenses such as parking, hotel, mileage, etc.

Cancellation Policy

If a scheduled Mediation is cancelled, there is no cancellation fee. However, the parties may be billed for my time expended in preparation for the mediation, or billing may be deferred if the mediation will be rescheduled.

Position Statements

I ask that each party’s Position Statement and any other materials a party wants me to review be emailed to me at least 4 business days prior to a scheduled Mediation.

Pre-Mediation Phone Conferences

I believe that confidential conversations with counsel prior to a Mediation increase the efficiency of a Mediation. Therefore, I will try to contact all counsel prior to a Mediation to confidentially discuss the case.


My preference is that the plaintiff and defendant or defendant’s representative must attend the Mediation. The defendant’s representative should have settlement authority or be able to obtain further settlement authority during a Mediation.


All proceedings at the Mediation are confidential per the Ohio Mediation Statute. No statements made by any participant during the course of the Mediation shall be used against that individual in any further proceedings

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