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Eric J. Wittenberg has more than thirty years of experience in handling civil litigation, including extensive trial experience.

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Ohio Mediation Services

We at Ironclad Dispute Resolution Services, LLC believe that resolving legal conflicts through discussion and negotiation, rather than adversarial court battles, is often more cost-effective, less stressful and allows for more innovative solutions. We can help clients with developing negotiated settlements in a variety of settings, including mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. We focus exclusively on business and real estate disputes and construction claims. We do not handle personal injury or domestic relations cases.

Each party in the mediation is treated with dignity. Representative counsel can be effective advocates for their clients, while our partners – working in the role of mediator, arbitrator or private judge – facilitate the decision-making process. We are devoted to helping parties conclude their conflict without entering a courtroom.

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Why Ironclad?

We have extensive experience in a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods and settings. Eric J. Wittenberg has more than thirty years of experience in handling civil litigation, including extensive trial experience, so he understands the benefits and costs of litigation.

In situations where adversarial methods do more harm than good in the long run, mediation should be considered before a lawsuit is filed. Often, in the contexts of business relationships, the parties in the dispute will need to have continuing contact with each other after the dispute is resolved. By facilitating a negotiated settlement, it is possible for goodwill to be preserved and cooperation to be practiced, so that this ongoing contact is productive and equitable for all.

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